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How Can Bone Strength Be Increased January 15, 2019

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How Can Bone Strength Be Increased, O'Fallon, Missouri

We’ve been told for decades weakened bones can only be mitigated, not improved. With today’s most recent research, we know with certainty there are simple and pain free ways to increase our bone density NATURALLY!

First, good nutrition is key. Having a well balanced and healthy diet is the most basic foundation. Next, get enough sleep. Recent data suggests too little sleep will inhibit natural production of bone cells. 

OsteoStrong offers the most profound method for triggering healthy bone mineral density growth, by allowing members to trigger a simple physiological process called Osteogenesis. This is the bone building process that is reduced as we age, but can be increased by putting safe and natural pressure on the bones. Bone Strength can be increased in a sweat free, and pain free way. 

So, go ahead and begin half marathon training. Play pickle ball. RUN! You can increase your  overall strength, agility, and vitality along the way!

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