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A Simple Guide to Auto Glass Varieties January 22, 2019

Allegheny, Westmoreland
A Simple Guide to Auto Glass Varieties, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Auto glass is optimized for driver and passenger safety. It comes in several different forms and must be installed according to the treatment that each material has received. Use the following guide to acquaint yourself with common types of glass and how they’re used. 

What Are the Top Types of Auto Glass?


auto glassLaminated glass is the material that’s most commonly used for windshields. It’s made by layering plastic between two sheets of glass and heating the materials in a large oven to create a single, solid piece. Significant blunt force will create a spiderweb effect along the surface of the glass while preventing the shards from completely separating. This design protects the driver and their passengers from razor-edged fragments during an accident and reduces the risk of injury.

Rear Window

The rear window is made from tempered glass. Exposure to extreme heat and rapid cooling increases the strength of this material until it’s incredibly durable. When hit, the material will crumble into tiny pebbles that will immediately fall to the ground, preventing sharp pieces of glass from flying. 

Side Windows

Each of the windows along the side of the car is made from the same material as the rear window. The only difference is that these pieces of glass have a slight curve in their design. This allows the material to crumble in an outward direction rather than sending all the glass pieces directly into the passenger seats upon impact.


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