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How a Family Law Attorney Can Help Your Child Support Appeal January 23, 2019

Platteville, Grant
How a Family Law Attorney Can Help Your Child Support Appeal, Platteville, Wisconsin

When getting a divorce, the welfare of your kids is a primary concern. Child support ensures they have the monetary means they need to thrive, whether that means funding education or day-to-day care. If your current financial arrangement is unfair, you can appeal it — but you should have a family law professional help. Find out why below.

Practical Advantages 

Child support is calculated on a case-by-case basis. Determining factors include the number of minor children you and your ex share, how much you each earn, and who the kids live with. If they stay with your ex, you are the “non-custodial” parent and will have to support their upkeep financially.

Whatever your position, a family law attorney will know what paperwork to file to appeal your case and what evidence is needed to back it up. Based on the above determining factors, they can calculate an alternative proposal for child support. Finally, they can represent you in hearings and in court. 

Say you believe your ex-spouse is hiding assets to get out of child support. Your lawyer can file an appeal and gather evidence to support this — like social media posts exhibiting luxury purchases that are seemingly beyond their means. 

Alternatively, you may be the non-custodial parent and believe you are paying more child support than is feasible. You could have lost a job, for example, resulting in decreased income. Again, evidence is needed, such as a termination notice from an employer. 

Emotional Benefits

family lawDivorce is a stressful process, made even more complicated when disputes regarding children come into play. In addition to taking care of the practical elements described above, an attorney will relieve an emotional burden by acting as an intermediary between you and your ex. Let a family law professional do the arguing while you focus on rebuilding your life.


Don’t settle for unfair child support payments. Let Scott & Heenan LLC of Platteville, WI, handle your appeals and get the outcome you deserve. With over 50 years of combined experience, these attorneys have practiced since 1999. They give each case highly personalized service, and thanks to their extensive trial experience, they are prepared to represent you in court. Get an overview of their practice areas online. For an appointment to discuss your family law matters, call (608) 348-9506.

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