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February is National Pet Dental Month January 15, 2019

Perry, Houston
February is National Pet Dental Month, Perry, Georgia

Did you know that almost 100% of dogs and cats have significant dental disease, including plaque, calculus (tartar) gingivitis/periodontal disease and infected tooth roots that can develop into abscess pockets? Not only does this cause harm to the oral cavity and loss of teeth, it can cause infections of the heart valves, in the kidneys, and other areas of the body. The inflammation associated with dental disease hurts! However, since dogs and cats instinctively eat to survive you may not see evidence of oral pain. Close exam of all teeth is required to visualize dental disease, and we know this is not always easy to do at home.

Perry Animal hospital always offers dental healthy evaluation as part of a physical exam. If you are concerned and unsure whether your pet has dental disease, you may make an appointment year round with one of our registered veterinary technicians for a free evaluation of your dog or cats oral health. Please be assured we will provide you a thorough estimate and explanation of our recommendations.

We want to increase awareness of this problem, and we know YOU want to know if your pet has dental problems. During National Pet Dental Month we are offering a $20.00 discount off stage 1 and stage 2 dental cleanings.

We are also happy to speak with you about different methods for keeping your pets teeth sparkly clean and healthy after the dental procedure, when you have a healthy mouth to start working with. This can include brushing, oral rinses, water additives and/or special chew products and treats.

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