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5 Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil January 23, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
5 Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil, Brooklyn, New York

Your engine relies on oil for optimal performance, and if you have noticed oil spots under your car or a low level on the dipstick under the hood, your car may be leaking. Whether the issue is large or small, auto repairs will be necessary to stop further problems such as engine failure. Below are some common causes of oil leaks.

Why Is Your Car Leaking Oil?

1. Gasket Trouble

There are a variety of gaskets between the metal parts of your engine. If these areas degrade, the connections and seals will fail and let oil get into areas it should not. Because the oil itself will degrade over time and become a thick sludge, not having regular oil changes can speed up this breakdown, especially if dirty oil is allowed to sit on engine components for too long. Eventually, your engine will fail.

2. Loose or Worn Oil Filter

Engine oil moves through a filter that purges the fluid of any impurities. If the filter has come loose over time or is worn down, oil will seep out. Additionally, it may not fit properly or is misaligned. Bring your vehicle to your auto repair shop to swap out the faulty filter for a new one.

3. Poorly Fitting Drain Plug

Similar to the filter, a worn down or misaligned drain plug can also leak oil. This component is necessary for draining old fluid out so that mechanics can replace it with fresh oil during a routine oil change. When the plug is not fitting well, or the sealing ring is compromised, you will notice a drip.

4. Missing or Loose Cap

auto repairAt the top of your engine you will see the oil cap, which usually has the symbol for an oil can on it. When auto repair technicians perform an oil change, they unscrew the cap and put fresh oil inside. If the seal around it is worn or loose, or the cap is missing altogether, oil can spill out as you drive.

5. Damaged Oil Pan

Over time the oil pan at the bottom of the engine can suffer damages, such as cracks and holes, usually from debris and rocks on the road. If that occurs, oil can leak. Even a dent in the oil pan can cause an issue, especially if it affects the seal or causes the pan not to sit correctly in its place.


If your vehicle is leaking oil, call the auto repair experts at Puma’s Auto Care. Located in Brooklyn, NY, their professional mechanics can help with everything from regular oil changes to engine repairs. Their clients rely on their high-quality services and friendly customer care for every job. Call (718) 272-6306 for an appointment or visit them online for a full list of their services.

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