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How to Make the Most of an Empty Nest January 22, 2019

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How to Make the Most of an Empty Nest, Hayward, Wisconsin

When your children come of age and leave home, it’s often a bittersweet occasion. It’s sad to see them go, but thrilling to watch them begin their new lives. What’s more, their departure creates new opportunities to enhance and add value to your property with the help of a home improvement contractor. Get inspired with the following renovation projects to beautify your space.

3 Ways a Home Improvement Contractor Will Enhance Your Empty Nest

1. Knock Down a Wall

Open-plan living spaces offer many advantages. They make homes appear larger and make it easier to move about the house. Even if your home was built with narrow corridors and closed-in rooms, it’s relatively easy to have a home improvement contractor knock down a wall or two. Transform two bedrooms into one luxurious master suite, or make it easier to entertain guests by uniting your living room, dining area, and kitchen. 

2. Add a Walk-in Closet

home improvement contractorAsk your home improvement contractor to add a walk-in closet. Now that your child has left home, you can expand the closet into their former bedroom or playroom, creating ample storage for clothing, shoes, and accessories. You’ll also be able to get rid of dressers or armoires taking up space in your master bedroom, leaving more room for redecoration and experimentation.

3. Redefine Their Childhood Bedroom

While it’s common to keep childhood bedrooms intact for nostalgia and sentimentality, if your little one isn’t so little anymore, it may be best to completely reimagine the space. Updating the old room is especially important if they don’t plan to visit often or if you want to boost home value for sale. Ask your spouse to brainstorm with you. Whether you’ve always wanted a room for painting, a cozy guest room, a home theater, or a sophisticated study, you can transform your empty nest into your dream home. 


Whatever your vision entails, hire the professionals at Coast to Coast Contracting & Development of Hayward, WI, to bring it to life. Offering everything from kitchen remodels to new home construction, they’ll turn projects of any size and scope from dreams to reality. This home improvement contractor also offers commercial construction services. They have 16 years of experience to draw from throughout your project. For more information, visit their website, or call today at (715) 790-0662.

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