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5 Home Remodeling Projects for a Growing Family April 25, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
5 Home Remodeling Projects for a Growing Family, Ewa, Hawaii

Whether you’re expecting a baby or have kids in every level of school, your growing family needs space to spread out. Many starter homes aren’t set up for adding children to the mix. If you’d prefer not to move, here are a few home remodeling options to improve and expand the house you’re in now to keep up with your family.

5 Home Remodeling Ideas for Busy Households

1. Add a Bathroom

As your children get older, it will be harder and harder to coordinate time in the bathroom, especially in the morning. Adding an extra bathroom will make your home much more peaceful, even if you have to sacrifice floor space.

2. Install More Storage Space

Toys, books, sports equipment, clothes, and other belongings tend to build up as your family grows, and can spill out of closets and bedrooms if you aren’t careful. Decluttering is a smart approach, but it’s even more effective if you can enlarge your closets or add cabinets for more generous storage space.

3. Open the Kitchen

Open plan homes are popular because they allow the family to interact without getting underfoot in the kitchen and make the house feel larger. Talk to a remodeling contractor about taking out the wall between the kitchen and living room. If you need counter or appliance space in your kitchen design, you can add an island as well.

Home Remodeling4. Build an Entertainment Room

A room for media or hobbies will not only give you the opportunity to spend time together as a family, but also keep your kids occupied in the afternoon. If you have a basement or an unused office, creating an entertainment room is easy, or you can choose a home addition.

5. Add a Bedroom

If you’re going to expand your floor plan, a bedroom is a top choice for the extra space. You can split up siblings who need more breathing room. Add a simple bedroom for your kids or design an improved master bedroom to move into yourself—either way, you’ll free up space.


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