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3 Pest Control Tips to Keep Bugs Away From Your House January 22, 2019

Cookeville, Putnam
3 Pest Control Tips to Keep Bugs Away From Your House, Cookeville, Tennessee

Insects and other pests can infest your home when you least expect it. Keeping them out and away from your household is an ongoing challenge, but luckily your victory begins with practicing smart but simple pest control solutions. The list below offers several proactive steps you can take today to keep bugs away.

3 Pest Control Solutions to Keep Away Insects

1. Remove Exterior Clutter & Debris

Whether it’s piles of leaves, trash bags, or old equipment, clutter and debris can attract bugs around your house. These areas give insects a warm place to hide and nest until they can make their way inside your home. You can reduce the likelihood of critters occupying your yard by keeping the areas clean and free of trash and debris. Rake leaves regularly and remove piles of wood or other material that can collect moisture. Store your trash bins at a safe distance from your home. The same goes for firewood—and if you store wood inside the house, inspect it before you bring it in.

2. Seal Foundation, Windows & Doors

pest controlRegularly inspect the areas around your house, including the foundation, doors, and windows. Simple fortifications can make a significant difference. Look for cracks and holes where bugs can find an entry into your home. Apply caulk and repair holes as needed. If your windows and door screens are torn or broken, repair or replace them.

3. Consult a Pest Control Company

Insect control solutions can be effective in preventing and eradicating bugs. Exterminators can provide customized plans inside and outside the home to handle whatever pests you’re dealing with and create an effective treatment plan. Whether you need ant control, roach control or preventative maintenance, there are many options available to suit your needs.


When you need reliable pest control services, contact the professionals at Central Tennessee Termite & Pest Control in Cookeville, TN. Their highly trained exterminators provide effective treatment solutions to eliminate a variety of common household pests. From rodent removal and insect control for spiders, bedbugs, and ants, you can trust their team to protect your home from infestations. To learn more about their services, call (931) 526-2033 today or visit their website for additional information about the company.

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