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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Guitar for Your Child January 22, 2019

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Guitar for Your Child, New York, New York

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world, and guitar lessons bring all the benefits of music education to your child. But while picking the right music instructor is the most important part of the process, finding the right guitar for your child is a close second. Here are three tips for doing just that.

A Parent’s Guide to Picking Guitars for Kids

1. Match the Guitar to the Motivation

Is your child an aspiring rock star, or do they love to sing around campfires? Are they enraptured by flamenco? Young children often don’t understand that different kinds of guitars make different kinds of music, so consider what inspires them. Talk with your child about the music they want to make, and you’ll know whether to start with an acoustic or electric guitar. If they like softer sounds, nylon strings are a great way to start. If only big sounds will do, try out steel strings. 

2. Size It to Your Child

guitar lessonsGuitars require the correct placement of the hands to play. A guitar that’s longer than your child’s arms can comfortably reach or that forces them to raise their arms to their shoulders can be painful to play no matter how good the guitar lessons. As a general sizing guide, a guitar no longer than 30 inches is appropriate for children from 4 to 6, 34 inches is best up to age 8, and 36 inches up to age 12. After that, a standard guitar should be fine. 

3. Find a Guitar With the Right Personality

No two guitars are the same. Factors such as the amount of pressure you have to apply to the strings and how much wear and tear the wood can handle will impact how easy the instrument is for a beginner to play. Over the course of their guitar lessons, your child will come to learn what they look for in a guitar, but when they’re starting, it’s important to make sure their first instrument doesn’t create extra challenges. This is something you should talk to their music teacher about.


For exceptional guitar lessons in the Staten Island, NY, area, DEA Music and Art offers internationally acclaimed music lessons to learners of all ages, starting as young as three. Taught by passionate musicians and scholars, they also offer summer music programs for an immersive experience in the arts. Browse their catalog of courses or call (718) 370-7733 for more information.

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