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4 Perks of Storing Wine in Coolers at Your Restaurant January 24, 2019

Campbellsville, Taylor
4 Perks of Storing Wine in Coolers at Your Restaurant, Campbellsville, Kentucky

If you own or manage a restaurant, you might wonder whether you need a separate cooling unit for wine. In addition to keeping chardonnay, pinot grigio, and champagne at the perfect temperature, wine refrigeration benefits your business in many other ways. Here are a handful of reasons why you should invest in this piece of restaurant equipment

4 Advantages of Restaurant Wine Coolers

1. Choose From Different Styles

Wine coolers are available in a variety of styles that are easy to match to the feel and function of your restaurant. From traditional designs featuring soft lights and hardwood to more contemporary features such as glass, metal, and LED lighting, your wine room will complement your space. 

2. Customize for Your Space

You may also customize your wine cooler according to specific dimensions. If your restaurant has a low seating capacity, for instance, you might opt for a small, low-profile wine cooler to save space. For larger restaurants, you might want a larger wine room that makes a statement.

restaurant equipment3. Keep Wine at the Right Temperature

Serving temperatures are important when it comes to bringing out the flavors in wine. Reds should be served around 60 degrees, while whites and bubbles are best around 50 degrees. Coolers will help you keep wines at the correct temperature while also regulating the humidity to ensure freshness. 

4. Showcase Your Collection

A wine cooler is much more than a practical piece of restaurant equipment. In addition to storage, your wine cooler will act as a focal point in your restaurant. When patrons have a clear view of your collection, they’ll feel more invited to order a glass or bottle.


When you’re ready to install a wine cooler in your restaurant, check out the selection at Commercial Refrigeration of KY. For 40 years, this locally owned and operated business has provided restaurant equipment sales and repairs to Campbellsville, KY. Call them at (270) 465-2910 today to request a quote for a wine cooler or beer cave. Visit them online to learn more about financing options for restaurant equipment and commercial refrigeration services. 

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