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How Do Men & Women Lose Weight Differently? January 28, 2019

Kenai, Kenai Peninsula
How Do Men & Women Lose Weight Differently?, Kenai, Alaska

While weight loss is a common goal shared by both men and women, the inherent differences in each's anatomy changes the way pounds are shed. Therefore, if you've been having a harder time with your New Year's resolution than the man in your life, the guide below explains some possible causes and what you can do about it. Additionally, consider talking to a women’s health doctor for their recommendations. 

A Guide to Weight Loss Variances in Men & Women

The Differences in Weight Loss

While women do lose weight at a slower rate than men, the advantage is short-lived. Genetically speaking, men often have more lean muscle and less body fat than women. These attributes play a role in how many calories your body burns while resting. Thus, even if men and women pursue a similar diet and exercise plan together, the man is likely to see more immediate results—but as women’s bodies get used to the change in routine, that advantage diminishes.

That being said, other women’s health factors can hinder their ability to get slimmer. For example, they gain additional body fat during pregnancy, which can be challenging to lose afterward. Later in life, the hormonal changes that occur during menopause can also slow women’s metabolic rate, thereby making weight regulation more challenging. Finally, polycystic ovarian syndrome, which affects up to 10% of women of childbearing age, can also create an impediment.

What to Do About It

women's healthKnowing that, for women, weight loss is more of a longterm game may help you continue your new regime. This should include limiting processed foods and following a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruit, and whole grains. Furthermore, women can benefit from incorporating strength training into their workouts. Far from making you “bulk up” as some women fear, push-ups, squats, and lifting weights can increase your metabolic rate. 

Finally, if you think you could be suffering from any hormonal imbalances, get help from a women’s health professional. These doctors can perform blood tests to assess your levels, and if needed, help regulate them.


Whether you’re looking to lose weight or are simply due for your annual wellness exam, the women’s health experts at MediCenter in Kenai, AK, are here to support you. The clinic also features family doctors and walk-in urgent care. Browse through their different services online or call (907) 283-9118 to schedule an appointment.

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