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Need Legal Counsel? What to Look for in an Attorney January 22, 2019

Clarkesville, Habersham
Need Legal Counsel? What to Look for in an Attorney, Clarkesville, Georgia

Most people will need to hire an attorney at some point in their lifetime. Even if you never face criminal charges or file for divorce, you’ll undoubtedly want to create a comprehensive estate plan that protects loved ones after you pass. And if you ever decide to open a small business or purchase real estate, a seasoned lawyer will facilitate the proceedings while protecting your financial interests along the way. When the time comes to hire an attorney, however, you may not know what to look for. While your specific needs will depend on the issue at hand, here are the top qualities everyone should value when seeking legal counsel. 

Relevant Experience 

Most areas of the law are fairly broad and encompass all kinds of cases. Therefore, it’s essential to find an attorney who not only practices the particular area in which you need counsel, but also has experience resolving cases similar to yours. If you want to buy a home, for example, you need a real estate lawyer who knows how to navigate such transactions. Someone who focuses on resolving landlord/tenant disputes or zoning issues will not have the knowledge or expertise to protect your best interests. If you need assistance creating an estate plan, you’ll want to find counsel that is experienced in probate law. 

A Good Reputation 

attorneysNowadays, there are many review sites where you can read about the services any given firm provides. And if past clients have nothing but good things to say about a particular attorney, chances are they are trustworthy, seasoned, and reliable. Once you find a firm worth reaching out to, schedule an initial consultation. During this meeting, you can ask about the firm’s track record of success to determine if their online reputation is accurate and get a feel for how comfortable you feel in the attorney’s presence. You can also ask for references, which any reputable firm will be happy to provide. 


For comprehensive counsel on matters pertaining to estate planning, business law, or real estate, turn to the knowledgeable attorneys at Adams, Ellard & Frankum, P.C. Located in Clarkesville, GA, this firm is proud to help clients throughout Habersham County navigate complicated legal proceedings. With an unwavering commitment to achieving the most satisfactory outcomes possible, they rely on their past experience to devise creative and strategic solutions for even the most complicated disputes. To schedule an initial consultation with one of their attorneys, call (706) 754-2171 today.

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