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4 Winter Pet Care Tips January 22, 2019

Prairie du Chien, Crawford
4 Winter Pet Care Tips , Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Dogs and cats might have warm coats of hair and fur, but they are still susceptible to cold weather hazards just like their human counterparts. Not only does cold weather itself harm pets, but it also exposes them to dangers such as de-icing products and other winter-related problems. Help your furry friend stay healthy and safe this winter to prevent emergency visits to the local animal clinic.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Healthy This Winter

1. Store Antifreeze & Other Harmful Chemicals

Store antifreeze and all other harmful chemicals away from cats and dogs, as well as young children. Antifreeze is particularly attractive to pets because it has a sweet scent and taste—with often fatal results. Place chemical pest control products out of your pets’ reach as well to prevent poison-related visits to the local animal clinic.

2. Protect Paws

animal clinicProtect your dog’s paws from ice, de-icing chemicals, and rock salt during winter walks with special booties made for canines. Wipe your dog’s paws before allowing it indoors if you routinely use rock salt or de-icing chemicals on your property. You should also invest in a dog coat to keep the pooch warm during walks.

3. Provide Indoor Amusements

When going outside for a long time isn’t possible in the winter, keep your pets entertained. Motorized mice and scratching boards with catnip inside provide hours of fun for cats, while food puzzles give dogs something to enjoy. Also, consider buying more of your pets’ favorite toys, in addition to spending quality time with them, so they don’t become bored, destructive, or depressed this winter.

4. Bathe Them Less

Bathe your pets less during the cold season to keep their coats and skin moisturized. Dry air takes the moisture out of your pet’s skin, something frequent bathing exacerbates because it strips the flesh of essential oils. Rather than dealing with itchy, flaky, and irritated pet skin all winter, limit baths to about once a month.


If you need veterinary care this winter, contact Tender Care Animal Hospital in Prairie du Chien, WI. Specializing in small pet care, this trusted animal clinic offers over 15 years of experience, as well as grooming and boarding services. Call (608) 326-7101 today to schedule an appointment, or learn more about the animal clinic online. Get the latest updates and tips from the certified fear-free veterinary clinic on Facebook.

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