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3 Projects That Are Easier With Pneumatic Tools January 24, 2019

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3 Projects That Are Easier With Pneumatic Tools, Fairbanks, Alaska

If you’re someone who loves taking on do-it-yourself projects, you know that your ambitions are just dreams without the right tools. While you likely already have some basic power tools like a drill, there’s a lesser-known device that has the potential to be one of your most useful assets: an air compressor. Here are a few projects these pneumatic tools make much easier.

3 Ways to Use Air Compressors & Pneumatic Tools

1. Carpentry Work

If you’ve been working on a new table, molding installation, or another carpentry project, you’ll need to use nails to anchor your work. A nail gun with an air compressor will help you accomplish this task quickly and precisely. The power of the pneumatic tool means you’re less likely to make a mistake by pushing too hard or losing your angle. Additionally, you’re less likely to sustain an injury since you won’t have to hold the nail in place with your hand. 

2. Painting & Staining

pneumatic toolPainting with a paintbrush or roller may take a while, but with the assistance of an air compressor-powered spray gun, you can finish the job in a fraction of the time. Whether you’re repainting an interior wall, a new cabinet, or your deck, the air compressor enables you to create a smooth, even coat. You’ll also avoid the aches and pains that come with hunching over or getting on your knees to cover the lower parts of these structures.

3. Cleanup

Many projects create a mess. Whether it’s sawdust or stray nails, it can take a while to clean up the debris. The air compressor has a powerful blast that will remove dirt, sawdust, and other small pieces of debris from cracks and components. After cleaning out these areas, use a vacuum to remove the mess.


After getting enough usage out of your air compressor, the day will eventually come when you need some help fixing your prized pneumatic tool. Your best bet is a respected power tool specialist like Aero Services in Fairbanks, AK. In business since 1957, the family-owned and -operated company specializes in air compressor repairs. Learn more about the company by visiting their website, and call (907) 479-6666 to schedule an appointment.

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