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Why Is Hawaii the Healthiest State in the Nation? January 22, 2019

Waikiki, Honolulu
Why Is Hawaii the Healthiest State in the Nation?, Honolulu, Hawaii

According to an annual report released by the United Health Foundation, Hawaii is the healthiest state in the country. Hawaii residents are among those with the lowest percentages of obesity, smoking addictions, and stress. The islands have one of the lowest levels of air pollution as well. Though this study may contribute to Hawaii’s reputation as a paradise, locals take initiative with their healthier lifestyles by making the most of the island environment and local ingredients.

3 Healthy Habits of Hawaii Residents

1. Eating Right

Healthy eating prevents obesity and weight-related health conditions. In Hawaii, people are encouraged to find locally sourced foods, which are free from additives and fresher than the fare shipped in from the mainland or internationally. Some of the most popular local ingredients in Hawaii include fresh saltwater fish full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and tropical fruit like pineapples, which help to reduce inflammation

2. Exercising Regularly

restaurantExercise burns calories, improves endurance, and increases a person’s overall well-being. Some of the most popular sports on the islands include hiking, surfing, swimming, and paddle-boarding. Many residents employ an active yet laid-back lifestyle, which involves more time going for walks and surfing and less rushing to get to work or overfilling their schedules. 

3. Enjoying Nature

Hawaii is known for its beautiful weather, mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Spending more time surrounded by nature can reduce stress and clear your mind. Hawaii residents make it a priority to spend time outdoors, whether they’re catching waves or soaking up the sunshine on a hike. 


Hawaii residents who want to eat healthier head to Heavenly Island Lifestyle, a locally owned and operated restaurant in Waikiki. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, their organic cuisine is made with local ingredients, from acai bowls and Thai curries to seafood and salads. Call (808) 923-1100 today to reserve a table in their dining room. You can also visit the restaurant online to browse their full menu and find out more about their local ingredients. 

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