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Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Stove or Fireplace Insert January 17, 2019

Penfield, Monroe
Celebrate Valentine's Day With a Stove or Fireplace Insert, Penfield, New York

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to install a new gas stove or fireplace insert to cuddle in front of.  Enjoy the warmth, and enjoy the light. These additions provide romance and comfort to make the day unforgettable. Here are three ways a  stove or fireplace installation will make your holiday fun and relaxing.

3 Benefits of a Fireplace Insert

1. Cost-Saving Heat

A fireplace insert lets you burn gas or wood,  relatively economical heating fuels compared to oil, or electricity. In addition, both gas  and wood burning fireplace insertinserts direct the heat into your room instead of up the chimney, so you and your loved one will stay warm while keeping your thermostat set lower.  Cricket on the Hearth, Inc. is having their mid-winter sale during January so start today!  Spend those extra savings on a special Valentine’s Day gift to share with your sweetheart in front of the fire, like a bottle of fine wine or a box of gourmet chocolates.

2. Backup Source of Energy

Winter weather can take out power lines, but that doesn’t mean you have to let an outage spoil your Valentine’s Day. Installing a fireplace insert will allow you to stay cozy even during a blackout by providing an alternative source of heat and light. If you choose a wood burning insert from Jotul, you’ll even be able to roast marshmallows for a touch of sweet nostalgic fun. 

3. Charming Atmosphere

What could be more delightful on Valentine’s Day than an intimate evening in front of a roaring fireplace? Blazing wood fires offer more than just heat – they’re also treats for the senses, from the pleasing aroma of smoldering cedar or hickory to the satisfying crackle of the burning logs to the lively sight of flames dancing in the dark. A wood-burning fireplace insert helps create the ultimate ambiance for your special evening.


Adding a wood-burning fireplace insert to your home will make this Valentine’s Day even more remarkable. Based in Rochester, NY, Cricket on the Hearth is a family-owned company that provides residents with a vast selection of fireplaces and stoves to complement any space. To learn more about the products from Mendota, Jotul and Kozy Heat and Cricket's 50 years of fireplace sales, installation and service experience, visit them online. Call (585) 385-2420 for directions to their beautiful showroom.

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