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3 Optimal Qualities for Senior’s Home Flooring January 22, 2019

Thayer, Oregon
3 Optimal Qualities for Senior’s Home Flooring , Thayer, Missouri

The choice of flooring material is never more important than when you get older. According to the CDC, millions of aging Americans slip and fall each year, and approximately one out of every five accidents results in broken bones or an injury. If you are a senior, below are some qualities to consider when installing a new material.

What Should Seniors Consider When Selecting a Flooring Material?

1. Slip Resistance

Textured flooring provides grip when walking, which makes it much more difficult to slip and fall. Luxury vinyl and carpet are two of the better options for this; however, try to minimize material transitions as this can actually cause you to trip. So, if your kitchen is directly attached to your living room, stick to one flooring installation throughout or two that have minimal differences.  

2. Waterproof & Easy to Clean

flooringThere are many benefits to installing a waterproof flooring material in rooms that are prone to spills and moisture development. These options—including vinyl plank, engineered vinyl plank (EVP), or wood-look tile—are easier to clean and hold up well to water accumulation. Less water on the floor means less chances a loved one will fall in their home. 

3. Cushioning

It’s normal for the joints to stiffen as you grow older. Walking on incredibly hard floors can cause flareups to occur. Avoid this by installing flooring materials that offer a cushioned underlayment. Carpet is the best option, but it is not always feasible for seniors who rely on mobility aids or who have open house layouts. In these cases, consider vinyl plank or hardwood and install it over cork or polyethylene foam. 


Whether the goal for your new flooring installation is to improve the comfort, style, or safety of your home, contact the experts at Thayer Decorating Center. For over 37 years, this family-owned and -operated business has offered a wide range of top flooring brands and products to the Central Missouri and Northern Arkansas region. Stop by their showroom in Thayer, MO, to view their quality materials, or call them today at (417) 264-7773 for a free estimate. You can also learn more about their flooring services by visiting their website.

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