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How to Care for Your Rock Retaining Walls January 22, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
How to Care for Your Rock Retaining Walls, Kalispell, Montana

If you have a sloped lawn, installing a rock retaining wall can help to prevent downhill erosion and create a level ground for planting flowers, bushes, or gardens. For the most part, these walls are low maintenance, but they do require some upkeep. Follow the guide below, and your hardscaping feature is sure to last a long time.

Spring & Summer Management

Correct Any Settling 

It’s normal for retaining walls to do some extra settling after they are installed. However, if they settle too much, water can collect and oversaturate the soil — causing it to become too soft. If you notice low spots along the backfill or see visible settling, pull back the sod or add extra backfill and compact it as necessary.

Maintain Surface Landscapes

rock retaining wallTo ensure proper rainwater drainage, landscapers will sometimes apply a surface treatment to the areas around the retaining wall. During the spring, check the new grass, plants, or other ground covering they might have added for weather damage or altering. Add new grass to cover bare spots or low areas. Or, add mulch to encourage healthy growth and water drainage and to discourage weeds.   

Fall & Winter Management

Remove Leaf Accumulation

After the trees on your property have shed their leaves, clear them away from your hardscaping features. If left over winter, they could discolor the surface. Also, if you notice the finish beginning to deteriorate, have it resealed during this time. 

Prevent Stone Erosion

Although snow and ice are a common issue in winter, avoid adding preventative chemicals on or around your rock retaining wall to melt these elements faster. These products cause pock marks, nicks, and other damage to the surface of your wall, which could decrease its overall integrity.  


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