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Could your spouse be cheating?   January 13, 2019

Lexington, Lexington
Could your spouse be cheating?  , Lexington, South Carolina

Could your spouse be cheating?  

10 Signs of cheating you may be missing:

1) Working long hours

2) Secretive about their phone/calls/texts- turns off ringer

3) Having private conversations

4) Attending events solo that you would normally go to as a couple

5) Protective of their vehicle/phone/mail

6) Secretive Business Trips

7) Misdirected frustration

8) Changes in Sex Drive

9) Changes in outward appearance; working out, losing weight

10) Suddenly very combative if you ask simple questions; always acts like you’re interrogating them.


If you notice any of the above,you should schedule a consultation and let’s talk further about your options and let me help you make a plan. The Law Office of Lora Stuart Shortt, LLC (803) 520-0455

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