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3 Advantages of a Sinus Lift Procedure January 21, 2019

Berlin, Hartford County
3 Advantages of a Sinus Lift Procedure, Berlin, Connecticut

Located above the back molars and behind the cheeks, the maxillary sinuses play an important role in the strength of your jaw. If the space between the sinus and the upper mouth is too small, you may have a weakened jawbone. Fortunately, there’s a treatment available for this condition: the sinus lift. In this procedure, oral surgeons insert grafted bone material into the sinus cavity, and in turn, stimulate natural jawbone growth. If you’re curious about this option, here are a few key benefits to know.   

3 Benefits of Sinus Lifts

1. Repairs Gum Disease & Tooth Loss Damage

When gum disease goes untreated for an extensive period, the infection can cause the jawbone to deteriorate. Missing teeth will deplete essential root structures from the jawbone. Without a root to bind to, the bone can eventually be reabsorbed by the body. In both scenarios, the lost jawbone will cause the maxillary sinus cavity to shrink.

During a sinus lift, this missing bone material is replaced with a natural or synthetic graft. Once the graft is placed in the cavity, the maxillary sinus gains extra height. The graft will simultaneously stimulate natural bone production and allow you to replenish lost jaw material.

2. Makes Dental Implants Possible

sinus liftIf you want to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant, you must have enough jawbone available to support the prosthetic root structure. However, if there’s not enough bone and the sinus rests too close to the mouth, the dental implant will not take hold.

When new bone is added to the cavity during a sinus lift, oral surgeons may be able to insert the dental implant at the same time. If additional bone growth is required, most receive their implants within nine months after the initial surgery.

3. Reduces Risk of Sinus Damage  

If the maxillary sinus wall is too thin or too close to the upper mouth, inserting an implant may injure the cavity and cause a series of complications. With a sinus lift, the cavity gains extra space, making it possible for implants to be safely inserted.


Well-versed in bone grafting and sinus lift procedures, Dennis S. Gianoli DDS, PC in Berlin, CT, is a trusted resource for all dental care patients. With more than three decades of professional experience, this Hartford County oral surgeon will streamline your sinus lift procedure to ensure reliable results, prompt healing, and minimal discomfort. Once your jaw is repaired, Dr. Gianoli will guide you through the dental implant process, restoring confidence to your smile. For more details on these and other oral surgeries, visit this specialist online. To schedule an initial consultation and discover your treatment options, call (860) 828-3559.

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