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Who's Responsible if You Fall on an Icy Sidewalk? January 21, 2019

West Plains, Howell
Who's Responsible if You Fall on an Icy Sidewalk?, West Plains, Missouri

Snow and ice are a fact of life for Missouri residents, but they also present a serious risk for pedestrians who often slip and fall on poorly maintained sidewalks. The injuries caused by these accidents can range from minor contusions to broken bones and severe head injuries, which may require long-term treatment. If you’ve slipped and fallen on an icy sidewalk, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you collect compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

Liability Claims for Icy Sidewalks

Who Is Responsible for Clearing Sidewalks?

Although the city usually owns and repairs sidewalks, most municipalities leave clearing ice and snow to the property owners. Because property owners are required to take normal precautions to protect the safety of others who have a right to be on the sidewalk, failing to remove snow and ice in a timely manner means they could be held liable for any injuries.

Factors Influencing Your Ability to Collect Damages

personal injury lawyerWhether your personal injury lawyer can successfully collect damages will depend on the rules of your city, as well as how long the snow and ice were allowed to accumulate. Generally, property owners can only be held responsible for conditions they should have known about and had a chance to correct. If you slipped and fell just after the snow fell, you may not be able to file a suit. However, if you were injured the next day, you may have grounds for a personal injury suit.

Establishing Liability for Your Injuries

Proving liability can often be complex, so collect as much evidence as possible as soon as you can. Take photos of the dangerous conditions before the snow melts or the property owners have a chance to clear the sidewalk and seek medical attention immediately, especially if you’ve suffered a head injury. Any evidence you can give your personal injury lawyer will help them prove liability and ensure justice is done.


If you’ve slipped and fallen on an icy or snowy sidewalk, the personal injury lawyers at Henry & Williams P.C. have the expertise to identify the liable parties and collect the compensation you deserve. This highly respected law firm provides award-winning service to accident victims throughout the area, earning recognition from US News & World Report, Super Lawyers, and a long list of other prestigious national organizations. Visit their website for more on how they can help or call (417) 256-8133 to schedule a free consultation today.

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