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Optimum Oral Health January 12, 2019

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Optimum Oral Health, Clearwater, Florida

There has never been a nation with better potential for good health then that  of the United States of America,   Yet the statistics for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, obesity, infertility, and Alzheimer’s Disease show large increases over a generation ago.   Add to that the highest costs for medical care in the world, coupled with the highest consumption of pharmaceuticaldrugs in history of the world.

Maybe we need a different perspective.

Let’s consider that there may be a common predisposing element in these illnesses that we are not working with.  Some practitioners see it and know it can effect every cell in your body.  However, it is not a mainstream consideration.  By a few, it is known as Type 2 Hypothyroidism.

As a dentist, I am quite concerned about this because I believe many of my patients are effectively hypothyroid but undiagnosed.  Not practicing medicine, I don’t treat Hypothyroid Disease.  Yet, hypothyroid affects the gums, bone, and teeth areas that I do treat. Infection of the bone affects 75 precent of adults. Hypothyroid improperly treated undermines all dental treatment and any long term expectation of optimum oral health.  Therefore, in my integrative holistic dental practice, it is imperative, that the patients medical team work with us and we work with them.

We consider over 100 factors when I assess a dental patient for the possibility of an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition. We consider toxins which can render hypothyroid treatment futile.  Even existing dental fillings and crowns, depending on their material content can adversely affect the thyroid function.

Each person’s immune system is unique to them. While we are similar, our differences can be great when it comes to sensitivities towards anything we come in contact with knowingly or unknowingly.

As the science of health expands, we know that health of individual starts at the cellular level, long before symptoms occur on the body level.

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