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5 Common Reasons for Furnace Repairs January 22, 2019

Farmersville, Montgomery
5 Common Reasons for Furnace Repairs, Farmersville, Ohio

In the middle of winter, with freezing temperatures outside, you rely on your furnace to keep your home warm and safe. When it fails, you need fast furnace repairs. One effective way to speed up this process is to accurately describe the problem to your heating contractor in as much detail as possible. Here are a few common issues you should be familiar with.

The Top Furnace Repair Issues

1. Pilot or Ignition Problems

Find out whether your furnace has a standing pilot light or an electronic ignition system. A standing pilot should be burning and visible 24/7, while an electronic one will come on as needed. Either can be interrupted by a dirty pilot area or sensors, or by a problem with the fuel supply.

2. Faulty Thermostat

Often, the issue isn’t the furnace itself but the controls. If you have a battery-powered thermostat, check that it has power. Also, check your settings; if your thermostat is set or programmed incorrectly, it may be causing the apparent furnace problems. If there is still a mismatch between the thermostat and the furnace, call for a professional inspection.

3. Not Enough Heat

Furnace RepairThis can be caused by a furnace that is not powerful enough for the space; in that case, you may need a new heating installation instead of furnace repairs. Note which rooms are still cold and whether the furnace is consistently on or is turning on and off—these will help your technician determine whether the problem is the furnace, the ducts, or the thermostat.

4. Dirty Filters & Ducts

If you’re dealing with poor air quality or little airflow, a cleaning may be all you need. Your ducts need to be cleaned every three to five years, and the filter should be changed as often as every one to three months depending on the type you use.

5. Frequent Cycling

A furnace that turns on and off constantly may be too powerful for the space, or the thermometer may be poorly located, so the system is getting an inaccurate temperature reading. Note whether the home is staying warm consistently and tell your technician if it has been installed or changed recently.


If you are experiencing any of these common problems, call Cowboy's Heating & Air for furnace repairs. Serving the Miami Valley and the Tri-State area, they offer reliable 24/7 service with a focus on quality and integrity. Their selection of equipment includes Amana®, American Standard®, Honeywell®, Coleman®, and Goodman®. To schedule a visit, call (937) 604-1541 or send a message online.

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