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How Glassware Shape Impacts the Taste of Bourbon January 28, 2019

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How Glassware Shape Impacts the Taste of Bourbon, Jacksonville East, Florida

Many areas of the country have mild winters, which means homeowners can spend more time with friends and family outdoors. Sitting on the porch bundled up in outerwear and sipping bourbon is one way to stay cozy during the colder months. As enjoying the spirit involves both smell and taste, the type of glassware you choose matters. The shape of the glass influences how the aromas are released and how you’ll pick up on the subtle flavors when taking a sip. For an idea of what glassware to pair with your bourbon, below is a look at how popular styles impact the taste.

How Glassware Influences Bourbon Taste

Shot Glasses Can’t Steer Ethanol Vapors

Although you can pour bourbon in a shot glass in preparation for a cocktail, you shouldn’t sip the spirit directly from this type of glass. Because of its size, the drinkware can’t release all of the complex aromas in the beverage. Instead, you’ll only take in the overwhelming smell of alcohol, or ethanol. The pungent vapors linger in the nostrils, masking any other flavors and aromas when you take a sip. 

Rocks Glasses Release All Bourbon Fumes at Once

Jacksonville-Florida-outerwearBecause rocks glasses are larger than shot glasses, it’s easier to pick up on a variety of aromas when taking a drink. More of the nose is exposed to the aromas, which means you’ll be able to smell past the strong ethanol fumes to the sweet, aromatic flavors of butterscotch, vanilla, or honey. When taking a sip, you will taste the sweeter notes, too.


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