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5 Reasons to Rent a Portable Fence January 22, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
5 Reasons to Rent a Portable Fence, Chesterfield, Missouri

There may come a time when your property needs protection, and a portable fence will come in handy. Whether a damaging storm has blown through or you have begun a construction project, renting a portable fence will ensure your land stays secure during the transition. Below are five reasons to call for temporary fencing today.

When Do You Need a Portable Fence?

1. Construction Projects

Whether you are adding an addition or having a new inground pool installed, a portable fence should be erected to surround the work area during major construction. This protects the area from animals and vandals who can interfere with the work. It will also keep your pets and children away from dangerous work zones filled with uneven ground, machinery, and tools.

2. Demolition Work

Demolition work is sometimes required to clear an area for a new structure or to remove property that was damaged in a fire or flood. Whatever the reason, demolition areas can be dangerous, and a portable fence will secure them from outsiders. It also warns people that entering is unsafe, especially if safety barriers are clearly marked.

3. Fire Damage

portable fenceIf your home has been devastated by fire, the last thing you want is to encounter further trouble. Temporary fencing creates a barricade around vulnerable property and ensures that wildlife and thieves do not further damage whatever remains. Portable fences are also necessary for insurance claims and will show adjusters that you took the proper steps to secure your home after a fire emergency.

4. Storm Emergencies

Storms will wreak havoc on your home and leave behind an exposed area susceptible to unwanted guests and animals. A fence can be installed with metal posts and chain link to create a barrier between your home and the outside world. Besides wanting to keep your remaining property safe, you also do not want someone wandering into a weakened area and getting injured, which leaves you liable for damages.

5. Landscaping Redesigns

If you are planning a redesign of your landscaping, the job may entail digging up large sections of ground, which can leave behind unstable soil and substantial holes. To keep your family safe during this project, a portable fence must be erected. It will remind anyone near the property where the boundaries of the work are and to keep away.


If you need a portable fence in the Chesterfield, MO, area, call the experts at The Board Up Co. This locally owned and operated company provides prompt service when you need help most. They also provide 24-hour emergency board up services and roof tarping when accidents occur. For temporary fencing and other property damage remedies, call (314) 954-3200. Visit them online for more on their portable fences and clean-out services.


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