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Why You Should Have a Tree Inspection Before Buying a Home January 22, 2019

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Why You Should Have a Tree Inspection Before Buying a Home, Jessup, Maryland

A home inspection is a crucial part of a real estate transaction, as it allows buyers to identify issues with the house. However, these inspections often don’t include the lawn, bushes, and trees—essential parts of your property. As a result, before you buy a home, you should hire a tree service expert to inspect your property.

Common Issues

tree serviceInspectors will examine the placement and health of the property’s trees, which can affect your yard’s drainage; they provide extra space where rain can land and evaporate. Additionally, if trees are too close to your house, the branches can fall and cause damage. They will also examine root growth. Roots that grow too close to the house can shift the area’s soil, leading to cracks in your home’s foundation and basement leaks.

Finally, an arborist will make sure your trees are compliant with local landscaping regulations so that you can avoid fines. For example, certain invasive or exotic species are prohibited because of their harmful effect on native plants or their increased risk of disease. Identifying and addressing these issues before buying a home will prevent major headaches down the road.

Planning for Future Care

Hiring a tree service professional to inspect your property will help you create a plan to keep your trees healthy. They will provide you with information about issues to look out for, such as signs of fungal growth or an insect infestation. They will also provide tips regarding what ongoing care is needed to keep your property safe and beautiful, such as when to trim or remove your trees. 


For comprehensive tree services, contact Columbia Tree & Lawn Service. Serving Howard County, MD, for over 40 years, this licensed and bonded landscaping company can help with everything from tree inspections to the removal of unhealthy plants. To learn more about their services or to request an estimate, visit them online or call (410) 740-5444.

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