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Can Assault Victims File a Personal Injury Claim for Damages? January 21, 2019

Chardon, Geauga
Can Assault Victims File a Personal Injury Claim for Damages?, Chardon, Ohio

Assault and battery victims often sustain severe physical injuries, resulting in extensive medical bills they shouldn’t have to pay. Fortunately, personal injury law allows you to collect compensation caused by these criminal acts, even if the prosecutor decides against filing charges. If you’ve been hurt by someone who intended to inflict actual harm, filing a lawsuit may be the best way to achieve some measure of justice.

Personal Injury Suits & Intentional Harm

The Difference Between Assault & Battery

personal injuryLaws determining the standards for assault and battery charges vary from state to state. In many jurisdictions, any action that makes the victim fear imminent bodily harm qualifies as assault, while battery typically means causing physical injuries. In other states, such as Ohio, making threats and intentionally creating frightening situations are charged as “menacing,” while physically hurting someone else is considered assault. Having a personal injury attorney who understands the criminal statutes of your state can be key to getting the compensation you deserve.

When Should You Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Menacing, battery, and assault are all criminal charges, punishable by jail time and extensive fines, but these penalties don’t correct the damage that has been done to the victims. Fortunately, the civil court system allows you to pursue compensation for losses caused by intentional acts of malice, such as assault or battery. If your injuries required medical attention, caused you to miss work, and resulted in extreme emotional distress, you should explore your legal options with a skilled personal injury attorney. The best law firms will have the professional resources to conduct investigations, identify all liable parties, and represent your interests in court if necessary.


For nearly 40 years, assault victims throughout Geauga and Ashtabula counties of Ohio have relied on the personal injury attorneys at Ibold & O'Brien to protect their interests and achieve justice. If you’ve been affected by someone else’s malice or negligence, their legal team will provide the aggressive representation you deserve. Visit their website for more on how they can help after an assault, or call (440) 285-3511 to arrange a consultation and discuss your case with an accomplished legal professional.

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