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3 Sleeping Positions & How They Impact Your Neck February 22, 2019

Mason, Warren
3 Sleeping Positions & How They Impact Your Neck, Mason, Ohio

Neck pain and stiffness are common complaints that make it difficult to focus—and if you can't turn your head, it could even be dangerous to drive or travel. To prevent muscle strain in your neck, your mattress and pillows need to be positioned to offer comfortable support. For helpful insight into a restful night’s sleep, here are some of the best positions to lay in to prevent neck pain.

A Guide to Sleeping Positions to Prevent Neck Pain

1. Side

pillowsResting on your side provides a number of benefits for your internal body functioning, particularly if you sleep on the left side. Among these benefits are improved digestion and circulation, drainage of body toxins from the lymph nodes, and the ability for the brain to filter waste more easily. To make the most of this side sleeping position, feather pillows are a great option, as they conform to the natural shape of your neck, filling in the space between your neck and the bed.

2. Back

Sleeping on your back is another optimal position for the neck because it allows the spine to stay straight, as opposed to being forced out of alignment. If you decide to assume this sleeping position, adding the right pillows will be key. You’re going to want one rounded pillow to support the curve of your spine and a flat pillow behind your head for a bit of cushioning.

3. Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach tends to cause the most neck pain, as it flattens the natural curve of the spine. In addition, stomach sleepers will typically spend the majority of the night with their heads turned to one side, causing excess strain. To prevent these issues, try gradually acclimating yourself to side or back sleeping and you’ll start to notice improvements.


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