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3 Costs to Consider When Preplanning a Funeral January 22, 2019

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3 Costs to Consider When Preplanning a Funeral, Colchester, Connecticut

Many individuals pre-arrange their funerals to reduce stress for their loved ones and ensure their wishes are met. When preplanning, however, costs are often an area of concern. Fortunately, making arrangements on a budget can be simple when you know your options. Here are a few expenses to keep in mind when planning a funeral.

A Guide to Funeral Costs

1. Burial Plot

Location generally determines the cost of a burial plot. Certain cemeteries charge higher fees than others, however, so always compare prices if possible. Cremations only require a small plot, so the cost will often be lower.

Another cost factor is the number of plots needed. If you want to be buried next to family, you'll need to purchase multiple plots to reserve them for the future. This will drive up your costs, but it'll save your family on long-term costs—since prices generally go up over time due to inflation—for your loved ones.

2. Casket

planning a funeralOne of the biggest price variables when planning a funeral is the casket. The price depends on the material, size, and decorative detailing. Today, metal is a top-choice material for caskets, and steel is the most affordable. Bronze and copper options often cost more. Wood is still popular and is even more cost-effective than metal. However, the type of hardwood affects the overall cost. Pine is the least expensive, while mahogany and cherry—which are more costly—offer a high-end finish. For cremations, you may want to use a casket during the funeral service. If you do, many funeral homes offer rental options to help reduce costs.

3. Headstone

Upright headstones are the most common style, and they're available in a variety of materials. Granite is popular because of its durability and color. Bronze is another common choice, and while it's incredibly durable, it's often more expensive. A single or companion mausoleum costs more than a traditional headstone, while flat grave markers are typically more affordable because they require less material.

The compassionate professionals at Belmont Funeral Home understand the complexities of planning a funeral, and they’re always here to help with everything from buying a headstone to creating a budget. Since 1954, this funeral home has offered guidance to families and individuals across New London County, CT. If you're interested in planning a funeral, call (860) 537-2900 or visit their website.

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