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What Causes Watery Eyes & How Do You Treat Them? January 24, 2019

Cold Spring, Campbell
What Causes Watery Eyes & How Do You Treat Them?, Cold Spring, Kentucky

Whatever the reason behind your eyes starting to water, one thing is certain: you want it to stop as soon as possible. Eyes that continue to water impair vision, smear makeup, and cause serious discomfort, especially when they are paired with other symptoms related to viruses or allergies. If you are experiencing this issue, learn what causes the problem and what eye care treatments rectify it.


Internal factors such as blocked tear ducts cause watery eyes, as do external factors such as colds and chemotherapy drugs. Blocked tear ducts cause the body to drain tears exclusively through the eyes instead of through the eyes and nose, resulting in persistent watering. The condition can happen to anyone at any age; however, it is most common in infants and older people. Tear ducts take time to open in babies, while older members of the population can experience the issue due to sagging eyelids that allow tear accumulation.

eye careOther reasons for watery eyes include viral and bacterial infections, allergies, and injuries. Sinus infections, for example, cause excessive eye watering as sinuses clogged with mucus drain. The common cold also makes the eyes water because of sinus irritation, as do infections such as pink eye and styes.


Eye care treatments for this issue depend on the cause. If your eyes are watering from a cold or sinus infection, it will subside as you heal, especially if you take vitamins and minerals, get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and consume nutrient-dense foods. Healthy diet and lifestyle changes also lessen watery eye symptoms from allergies and assorted infections. If your issue is due to blocked tear ducts, you will likely need surgery to create new tear sacs inside your nose.

If you are unsure what is causing your eyes to tear, visit your local eye doctor. The eye care professional will identify the reason and recommend a treatment course so you can resume daily activities without tear-related interruptions.


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