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3 Reasons to Remove Your Junk Car Before Putting Your House on the Market January 21, 2019

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3 Reasons to Remove Your Junk Car Before Putting Your House on the Market, Anderson, Ohio

When you’re considering selling your home, you may conduct a few last-minute touchups around the house, do some tidying, and start working with a real estate agent. There’s another item that you should add to your list: scheduling junk car removal. Getting rid of your old vehicle before putting your home on the market will make life much easier. Here are three reasons why it will help. 

Why You Should Get Rid of Your Junk Car

1. Remove an Eyesore

Everything a prospective buyer sees when they view your property influences how they feel about its value. Seeing an aging, ugly clunker in the yard will present negative associations and is likely to perceive your home as being worth less than it is. By scheduling an appointment with the junk car removal crew beforehand, you’ll enhance the worth of your property by getting rid of an eyesore.  

2. Avoid Storage

junk car removalIf you keep possession of your junk car through the sale, you’ll have to deal with either moving it or storing it. In many cases, junk cars are no longer safe to drive or even capable of being back out on the road. Even if you can coax a few more miles out of it, you’ll have to either waste space parking it on your new property or spend money to have it stored at a facility. By hiring a junk car removal crew, you simply avoid all these headaches. 

3. Lower Stress

Moving is one of the most stressful times in life. You’ll have prospective buyers visiting your home, need to handle a large amount of paperwork, and eventually, have to pack up every single one of your possessions. The last action you want to take while dealing with all of these various responsibilities is deciding the fate of your old car. By getting rid of it before the chaos begins, you’ll give yourself a clear head to help your family make a successful move. 


If you have an old clunker that you’re ready to get rid of, reach out to the trusted junk car removal service, A1 Towing Cincinnati in Ohio. The family-owned and -operated company can provide a towing service, so you never even have to leave your property to get rid of the vehicle. You can schedule a pick-up time by calling (513) 602-5493 or by sending a message through the towing company’s website

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