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How to Tell If Your Dog Is Bored January 22, 2019

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How to Tell If Your Dog Is Bored , McKinney, Texas

Dogs need a certain level of exercise and stimulation every day to stay happy and healthy. For many working pet owners, ensuring their furry friends stay active throughout the week can be a challenge. Unfortunately, in your absence, a bored dog can wreak havoc on your home and belongings. Being aware of the signs that your dog may be bored can help you determine whether doggy day care is right for your pup.

How Will I Know If My Dog Is Bored?

Bored dogs crave stimulation and something to do, and they often exhibit a few behaviors when they are bored. For example, if your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, they are more likely to jump and bark when someone passes by your house or comes to the door. You might also notice them pawing you or your guests for attention, rather than relaxing or playing on their own.

doggy day careA bored dog may also exhibit some destructive behaviors. Chewing holes in shoes, carpets, walls, and furniture can all be signs of boredom. When dogs are feeling restless, they may also dig incessantly. They might dig up large portions of your backyard while outside or paw through the trash when they’re alone inside.

How Can I Correct These Behaviors?

One of the best ways to keep dog boredom at bay is to enroll your pup in doggy day care. These facilities establish a routine and provide an opportunity to play with other dogs, allowing them to get out all their energy before they return home. You’ll quickly learn that a tired dog is a good dog when you enjoy a peaceful home each evening after your pet returns from doggy day care.

Other small steps to further engage your dog include frequently introducing them to new toys or turning mealtime into an engaging game. Whether you invest in a slow feeder dish, put peanut butter inside a toy, or let them push around a treat-dispensing ball, you’ll provide your pet with hours of entertainment.


If your furry friend is tearing your home apart out of boredom, it may be time to consider doggy day care. Bark Hotel For Dogs in McKinney, TX, will treat your dog like their own. Serving Collin County and the surrounding areas, their top-rated day care services keep your pet happy and healthy through stimulating and supervised play across 24-thousand square feet of land. With their 24-hour video surveillance, you’ll always have peace of mind that your pet is being well cared for while you’re at work. To learn more about their services, including their luxury pet boarding and dog bathing, call (972) 542-8377 or visit them online.

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