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4 Popular Travel Destinations & Recommended Vaccinations January 18, 2019

Chantilly, Fairfax County
4 Popular Travel Destinations & Recommended Vaccinations, Chantilly, Virginia

You’ve purchased your plane tickets, booked your hotel, and are securing every detail for your upcoming adventure. As you check off all the boxes on your travel to-do list, be sure to stop at a travel clinic. You may need some vaccines to stay healthy on your journey. The following are common immunizations that you might need for these popular destinations. 

A Traveler’s Guide to Vaccinations

1. Mexico

Vaccinations aren’t required to enter Mexico, but it’s smart to protect yourself against potential illness. Whether you’re exploring a Mayan ruin or staying in a beachfront resort, a travel clinic will recommend a few key vaccinations. Short-term travelers should be vaccinated against hepatitis A, a highly contagious food-borne illness that affects your liver. The clinic staff will likely also offer a typhoid vaccine, especially if you’re staying in a rural area. If you’re planning a long trek through the wilderness, they may also suggest supplemental vaccines to guard against rabies from animal bites or malaria from mosquitoes. 

2. The Bahamas

travel clinicWith endless sunshine and sprawling shorelines, the Bahamas are a dream destination for many travelers. Before you relax in the sand, you’ll probably need a hepatitis A and typhoid shot. Depending on your health needs, the doctor may also recommend protecting yourself against yellow fever and hepatitis B. 

3. Australia 

The land down under is full of stunning landscapes, exciting coastal cities, and diverse wildlife. To get the most out of this destination, you may need several travel vaccines. These immunizations include hepatitis B, rabies, and yellow fever. You may also need a vaccination against Japanese encephalitis. If you’re traveling to Australia during their winter months – May to October – you should likely receive a flu shot as well.

4. Brazil

The recommended travel vaccinations for Brazil may vary by region, so be sure to bring an itinerary to the travel clinic. Generally, you’ll need to get  hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, and rabies vaccines. The clinic may also recommend that you take malaria medication. If you plan to extend your trip to travel to other destinations around South America, be sure to talk to the clinic about your plans to see if you’ll need additional protection.  


By getting vaccinated before your trip, you’ll enjoy peace of mind in any destination. HealthSmart Vaccines in Chantilly, VA, is your one-stop travel clinic for securing immunizations. Their team also provides routine and booster vaccinations for patients of all ages. If you aren’t sure about your needs, their knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions and address your health concerns. To view a full list of their services, visit them online. Call (703) 961-0733 to make an appointment. 

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