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How Can I Be Sure It's the Right Time to File for Divorce? January 25, 2019

West Hartford, Hartford County
How Can I Be Sure It's the Right Time to File for Divorce?, West Hartford, Connecticut

Ending a marriage is not easy. Even if you have been unhappy for a while, the thought of pursuing a divorce may be overwhelming. If you’re waiting for a clear sign that it’s time to proceed, though, you could be waiting for a while. After all, there will always be reasons to postpone filing. In fact, divorce attorneys must often remind clients that there is no “right” time to commence the proceedings. However, if you still want reassurance before taking the leap, consider if the following applies. 

You Have Tried Everything 

Unless you are in a dangerous situation, it is wise to try making your marriage work before commencing with divorce proceedings. Once you’re certain the opportunity to reconcile will never arise, it will be possible to file without fear of regret. In other words, if you have tried everything to make the relationship work, it may be time to call a divorce attorney. 

You Long for a Fresh Start 

divorce attorney Even those who are in healthy marriages might think about divorce from time to time. Doing so is a perfectly natural response to tense arguments or especially stressful scenarios. If you find yourself thinking about divorce more often than not, though, it could be indicative that you’re ready to file. Ending a marriage is inherently emotional, but if you long for a fresh start and daydream about life after all the logistics have been addressed, it may be time to pursue your independence. 


If you’ve decided it’s finally time to end your marriage, turn to the compassionate divorce attorneys at Connecticut’s Keily Mira Law. Representing clients throughout Greater Hartford County, this firm is committed to providing creative solutions for even the most complicated legal issues. In addition to family law, they practice real estate law, business litigation, traffic defense, probate, and estate planning. To request a free 30-minute consultation with a divorce attorney on their team, fill out the form on their website or call (860) 251-9552.

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