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How to Match the Different Wood Elements in Your Home January 18, 2019

North End, Bridgeport
How to Match the Different Wood Elements in Your Home, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Woodworking is a beautiful and elegant addition to any home. When you have multiple wood details throughout your home – from your flooring to your furniture – you’ll want these looks to complement each other, not clash. Use the interior design tips below to mix your wood tones like an expert for an effortless, cohesive look.

A Guide to Mixing Woodworking Tones

1. Select a Dominant Tone

Begin by selecting your ideal wood tone. This could be a traditional warm hue like cherry wood, or gray-stained birch for a modern style. The dominant wood type should be the custom woodworking that draws the eye in the room, such as your hardwood floor, a wood accent wall, or the cabinets in your kitchen. Once you’ve chosen this base color to anchor your space, you’ll be able to select other pieces with harmonious undertones.

2. Contrast Furniture

woodworkingWhile a few objects with the same accent color can create continuity, your furniture doesn’t all need to be made of the same type of wood. In fact, pieces that too closely match your base wood can get lost in the visual field. Choose wood that will stand out against your floor or accent wall. For example, a nightstand crafted from light beech will be eye-catching when placed next to a dark bed frame and headboard.

3. Use Texture

Take advantage of different wood grains. Holly and basswood are blank canvases, while red oak and rosewood have striking patterns. Varying textures will add depth and warmth to any room. You can also create visual unity with accessories, like footstools, throw pillows, rugs, throw blankets, and lamp shades. Bring pieces together by matching their fabrics. For example, wooden chairs upholstered with a cream fabric can be connected with the couch across the room with cushions of a similar color. 


The key to creating a visually congruous and inviting home is to have your pieces hand-crafted and custom-tailored to your needs. Marlon Morales at Marlon Architectural Woodworking in Fairfield County, CT, specializes in all types of custom woodworking, from wood furniture to bathroom cabinets. You’ll get stunningly detailed and high-quality work at an affordable price. Find inspiration on his website and call (203) 650-2245 to schedule a consultation today. 

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