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5 Steps to Take If Your Pet Is Missing January 18, 2019

Crescent Springs, Covington
5 Steps to Take If Your Pet Is Missing , Covington, Kentucky

A missing pet can strike fear and worry into any animal lover’s heart. But if you find yourself in this situation, it’s important not to panic and think the worst has happened. With a solid action plan, you and your loved ones can take steps to look for your cat or dog and help bring them home safely. If you’ve recently lost a creature companion—or simply want to stay prepared in case it ever happens—here are a few tips to consider during this pet emergency.

Tips to Follow During a Missing Pet Emergency

1. Search as Soon as Possible

As soon as you notice that your pet is missing, start canvassing areas near your home and neighborhood. Searching by car and enlisting the help of others can help you cover more ground quickly. While it’s important to look, it’s also critical to think strategically and head for places that may attract your pet—such as parks or neighboring homes where other animals live.

2. Check-In With Animal Shelters

pet emergencyMicrochipping and identification tags may help animal shelters know who to contact if they find your companion. However, you should also be proactive and make inquiries with local shelters in your area. If your four-legged friend isn’t there, provide them with a photograph so the shelter can remain on the lookout. If you believe your cat or dog has been stolen, contact the police to inform them of the pet emergency and file an official report.

3. Raise Awareness

Post flyers around your neighborhood that feature a photo, name, and identifying characteristics of your pet. You might also offer a small reward as an incentive. To spread the message even further, consider posting notices through social media.

4. Keep Your Home Open

In some cases, missing dogs and cats will eventually wander back home. To make sure your home is inviting, keep gates open. It might also help to leave your pet’s food or water dish out on the patio.

5. Follow Pet Postings Online

If someone in the community finds your animal and they aren’t sure who to contact, they may create a “Pet Found” post on a neighborhood message board or classified site. It’s also a wise idea to browse “for sale” listings, as thieves often try to sell stolen animals online for a quick profit.   


If you’re concerned about losing a pet, turn to the Crescent Springs Animal Hospital for greater peace of mind. Serving the Kenton County, KY, community, this animal clinic offers swift and affordable microchipping services to help improve your chances of recovering a lost cat or dog. Focused on long-term animal wellness, this practice also offers many other preventive solutions—including vaccinations, dental care, and spay and neuter procedures. To learn more about their capabilities, visit this animal hospital online. To schedule an appointment for routine care or a pet emergency, call (859) 331-6608.

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