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How Nutrition Affects Your Child’s Learning January 21, 2019

St. Peters, St. Charles
How Nutrition Affects Your Child’s Learning, St. Peters, Missouri

Early childhood education is essential to lay the foundation for your child’s success in school and life. A number of surprising child care factors can influence your little one’s ability to learn—including what they eat. Here’s how their diet affects their development and learning, and what you can do to help.

The Effects of Poor Nutrition

Energy & Focus

Early Childhood EducationJust like the rest of the body, the human brain runs on the fuel from your food. About 20% of the calories you consume go directly to powering the brain. Without enough fuel in the body, your child will be unable to think as quickly or clearly as usual, and will have difficulty focusing on the subject. A hungry child is one of the biggest roadblocks to early childhood education.

Brain Development

Not only does poor nutrition distract your child in the moment, but it can also have major long-term effects. Your child’s brain is still growing, and needs nutrients to help build the structures and pathways which are so crucial to child development. Because of this, it is not only important to get children enough food, but to get them the right food which will provide the building blocks their brains need.

What You Can Do

To make sure your child is getting the most out of their preschool, feed them a healthy, hearty breakfast. Healthy protein, energy-rich fat, quick-acting carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables should all be balanced to help your child’s brain grow and their early childhood education progress. Check in with the school to make sure they’re eating well at lunch and snack times, and coordinate with the teachers to provide for any special dietary needs or restrictions your child may have. Then, when they get home, make sure they’re getting a full and varied dinner.


For effective early childhood education, choose Great Beginnings preschool. With convenient locations in Saint Charles and Cottleville, MO, they have high-quality, comprehensive programs for children at all stages of development, including infant and toddler care as well as after-school options for older children. To enroll your child, call the Saint Charles location at (636) 724-5048 or the Cottleville location at (636) 447-4212; or, send them a message online.

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