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5 Pool Remodeling Projects to Begin in the Spring March 4, 2019

Scotch Plains, Union
5 Pool Remodeling Projects to Begin in the Spring, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

Are you looking for a more attractive, fun, and valuable swimming pool? There are many small pool remodeling projects that can drastically improve your backyard, and the end of winter is the perfect time to get started; you’ll be able to finish the project before the summer. If you’re looking for some high-impact ideas, here are a few options. 

Post-Winter Pool Remodeling Ideas

1. Depth

If your pool is a uniform depth, adding a sloped floor can make the pool more fun for both adults and children. Kids can walk around the shallow end safely while the adults relax in the deep end. If you swim for exercise, you can use the deep end to tread water, which requires you to use a variety of muscles.

2. Lights

Pool RemodelingAdd lights to your pool to make it easier to swim at night and to turn it into a party spot for warm summer evenings. Add a colored LED display using a unique color—such as purple or bright green—to create an exciting, modern look.

3. New Pool Tiles

Add a band of decorative tile at the waterline to create an elegant look for an inexpensive price. If you already have tile, add a different color or pattern—such as an aquatic ocean blue—for a fresh, calming, and trendy look. 

4. Beach Entry

If you have the available space, install a beach entry—a gentle slope leading into the water—to walk into the water instead of climbing or jumping. This feature can make for a more relaxing swimming experience, as you can use it to relax or tan. The shallow water at the pool entry will be warm and comfortable. 

5. Deck

If you’re happy with the pool itself, you can improve the area around it instead. A raised deck provides a comfortable space for entertaining, especially if you add a barbecue, firepit, or an outdoor kitchen. Materials, such as stone tile, can improve its look and prevent slipping.


To begin planning your pool remodeling project, contact Gutierrez Pool Plastering in Plainfield, NJ. Serving Union County, this skilled pool renovation expert can take on any of the above projects or even add an attractive, high-quality finish. Call (908) 756-7585 or visit them online to learn more about their pool remodeling services.

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