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3 Furniture Moving Tips to Prevent Damage January 18, 2019

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
3 Furniture Moving Tips to Prevent Damage , Ewa, Hawaii

Furniture moving is typically the most complicated part of relocating to a new home. The pieces are often heavy and awkwardly shaped, so require special care and planning to move safely. Use the tips below to prevent damage to your furnishings and your old or new property. 

How to Safely Move Your Furniture

1. Have Two People Move Long or Tall Objects

When moving a long couch or tall dresser, two people are needed. Move the piece to where its longest length is upright, which might mean standing a couch on its ends. Tip the item at a backward angle so one person can carry the top and the other can grab and hold the bottom. This position centers the weight, making it easier to carry the object and maneuver around corners, up or down stairs, and through doorways. 

2. Wrap Pieces With Blankets 

furniture movingIt’s easy to accidentally scratch your furnishings or walls while moving large pieces around your home. Invest in moving blankets to wrap around and protect your tables, dressers, and any antique or fragile pieces. Secure them with packing plastic.

3. Use Specialized Equipment

Furniture moving can take a toll on anyone’s body. A dolly and lifting straps take some of the stress off your body by providing extra leverage. You can then focus on carefully moving each item and more easily make adjustments. 


The best way to prevent furniture damage is to hire experienced movers who know how to safely handle belongings. Aloha International Moving Services in Kapolei, HI, provides local, inter-island, mainland, and international moving services to residents and businesses. They are one of only 57 companies in the U.S. to be recognized as a FIDI Accredited International Mover. Learn more about how they can help with furniture moving by calling (808) 682-2500 or visiting their website.