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How Decluttering Your Workspace Improves Productivity January 18, 2019

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How Decluttering Your Workspace Improves Productivity, High Point, North Carolina

A messy work environment does more than make you feel unorganized — it can also be mentally taxing. If you feel stressed out but aren’t sure why, take a look at your desk and surrounding workspace. Is it untidy? If so, you might benefit from moving some of that clutter into storage. Here are a few ways that removing unnecessary items from your work environment can help you get more done each day. 

What Is Workplace Productivity?

It’s a misconception that workplace productivity is about completing projects in the fastest amount of time. It’s actually how efficient you are at doing the work while maintaining a positive sense of being. When your mental health is taxed and you feel stressed, it’s hard to remain on task and complete your day-to-day responsibilities. 

Clutter has been shown to cause stress by overloading the brain with excessive stimuli. This leads to a general feeling of panic, which can make it hard to focus and think. Fortunately, this form of mental stress can be easily rectified by forming a plan for decluttering and organizing your work environment. 

How to Declutter Your Office

storageMake a note of every item you use on a daily basis or multiple times a week, then identify those items that are used maybe once or twice a month. Once you have this list, move the items that were not marked to an isolated place in your office so you can sort them.

Throw away or recycle any broken electronics, unnecessary documents, and items that don’t bring you happiness or serve a purpose. The documents and items you do need but that aren’t required very often should be boxed up and moved to a secure storage location. As far as knick-knacks, try to keep them to a minimum to reduce visual distractions.

Once the clutter has been cleared out, rearrange your space in a more flowing layout. Set up zones for completing specific tasks with the items you use the most frequently closest to you. Afterward, make it a point to declutter your workspace weekly to prevent the disorder from returning. 


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