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How to Use Parental Controls Effectively February 11, 2019

Delhi, Delaware
How to Use Parental Controls Effectively, Delhi, New York

With the ubiquity of hand-held devices and widespread internet access, many children are comfortable using technology. While cable television and the internet offer plenty of educational and fun activities for children, they can also pose risks or contain inappropriate content. Safeguard your little one by using the parental controls available through your service provider’s TV and internet bundle. The guide below explains the benefits and applications of these settings. 

A Guide to Parental Control Settings  

Why You Should Use Parental Control

Parental controls ensure the safety of your child and your computer system. Children may not understand the risks of clicking on a website that contains hidden malware. Online predators lurking in social media groups and messaging apps may try to develop a relationship with your child and lure them into a dangerous encounter offline.

Another reason to use these settings on your TV and internet bundle is to manage your little one’s screen time. Too many hours online can result in poor eyesight, bad posture, poor sleeping habits, and lack of exercise. Inadvertent exposure to explicit content can also be harmful to children. 

How to Use Parental Control Settings

tv and internet bundleThere are many different types of parental control. For cable, you can block certain channels that may contain adult content. For the internet, you can stop your child from visiting particular URLs. Since there are millions of websites, it may be hard to identify which ones you want to block, so many settings allow you to seal off entire categories. If you have multiple children of different ages at home, you can also craft protection plans for individual users. Malware protection that prevents your child from downloading harmful email attachments or clicking on spam sites is also available.

Schedulers allow you cut access off if your child’s been glued to the screen for too long, or will stop them from using the internet during particular time windows. You can automatically bar the internet between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., for instance, to ensure your little one gets a good night’s sleep without the distraction of a computer. 

Many TV and internet bundles offer parental control settings. Talk to your provider about your options. You can also invest in a router with built-in parental controls. You’ll be able to configure and perform all the web filtering at this vital choke point before it reaches all the devices on your network. 


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