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Why Taking a Charter Bus Is Better for the Environment January 18, 2019

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Why Taking a Charter Bus Is Better for the Environment, Taunton, Massachusetts

If you’re planning an event of some kind, there are several reasons to hire a charter bus for it. First, doing so will ensure everyone arrives on time. Second, it will allow attendees to enjoy themselves from the start. They will not have to worry about fighting traffic or navigating, and if alcohol is being served, they will not have to arrange their transportation after the event. Perhaps the biggest reason to hire a charter bus, though, is the fact that doing so will protect the environment. Here are just a few reasons why traveling by bus is environmentally friendly.

3 Ways Taking a Charter Bus Will Protect the Environment

1. Smaller Carbon Footprint

While it is true that large buses use more fuel than small cars, the fuel consumption per passenger is considerably less. A charter bus might carry 60 passengers, for example, while a car might carry just one to three. In other words, it could take 30 cars to transport the same number of people as a single bus. Indeed, those 30 cars will burn more fuel—and emit more carbon monoxide—en route than a bus will. 

2. Less Wear & Tear

charter busHiring a charter bus means putting less wear and tear on individual cars, which will allow passengers to save on personal vehicle maintenance. Over time, this will have a major impact on the environment. If every car owner used one less quart of oil per year, for example, it would reduce our reliance on fossil fuels considerably. There are also aspects of vehicle maintenance that you may not realize impact the environment. For example, manufacturing various car parts uses water. Therefore, the fewer parts people need to replace, the lower their water consumption. 

3. More Affordable “Green” Alternatives 

Many people cannot afford to upgrade to a personal vehicle that runs on alternative fuel. Renting eco-friendly buses is fairly reasonable, though. If you turn to a leading transportation provider, they can help you select a “green” bus so the trip you’re planning will have little impact on the environment. 


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