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3 Factors to Consider When Kitchen Remodeling January 25, 2019

Barnesville, Belmont
3 Factors to Consider When Kitchen Remodeling, Barnesville, Ohio

If you want to revamp property interiors, the kitchen is a good place to start. As one of the most-used rooms in homes, any efforts to make the space more functional, comfortable, and efficient could boost the property value if you ever decide to sell. From upgrading flooring to installing new custom cabinets, there are several ways you can transform the space. To ensure the project remains on track and you are happy with the results, here are a few points to consider before getting started. 

What You Should Think About When Starting a Kitchen Remodeling Project

1. How Much You Want to Spend

So you don’t run out of funds before work is complete, set a budget and stick to it. This way, you can keep better track of material prices, labor costs, and other expenses related to the project. You should spend more on elements that will benefit the family the most or make the biggest impact. For example, replacing damaged or worn flooring with a new surface will make the area safer by eliminating tripping hazards. If you have a tight budget, outfitting the space with new cabinets or appliances will completely transform the look of the room, without the need for a complete overhaul.      

2. Whether You Want to Alter the Existing Layout

flooringMaking the kitchen easier to maneuver should be a top priority when planning the remodel. Decide whether you want to knock out walls or make other major changes to create more space. If you don’t want to make structural adjustments, there are other ways you can make the existing layout more functional. For example, install cabinets with sliding doors instead of fixtures that swing open. This will eliminate potential roadblocks when navigating the room. You can also install a multipurpose island for meal preparation and dining. This will make it easier to entertain, as guests won’t crowd around the perimeter countertops while you cook.

3. What Aesthetic You Want to Create

When deciding on the style of the kitchen, take the interior design of other rooms into account. If you have an ultra-modern dwelling, for example, stainless steel appliances and counters could complement the minimalist aesthetic of your property. If you want to extend a rustic design scheme to the kitchen, hardwood flooring and cabinets and a farmhouse sink could help you accomplish that goal.


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