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3 Lens Types to Improve Your Vision & Comfort January 17, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Lens Types to Improve Your Vision & Comfort , Rochester, New York

When shopping for new eyeglasses, consumers tend to focus on the fit and style of the frames. But while frames may be important, it’s essential to consider the type of lenses you’ll use as well. Whether you’re a long-time user of glasses or are buying a pair for the first time, here are a few types of advanced lenses that can help enhance your vision.

Lens Upgrades You Should Consider

1. Blue Light Blocking

As helpful as computers are during our daily work lives, staring at a screen all day is known to cause digital eye strain—a problem characterized by temporary blurriness, eye headaches, fatigue, dryness, and soreness.

This issue occurs because people focus on screens differently than they do on other objects, particularly due to the wavelength of blue light that these devices produce. In addition to digital eye strain, excessive exposure to this blue light is also believed to increase the risk of macular degeneration, a form of vision loss typically experienced by older individuals.

While it may not be feasible to stop using screens, your optometrist can help by equipping your eyeglasses with lenses that block blue light. Essentially, these lenses are designed to filter out this wavelength of light so that you won’t strain as much when looking at devices and can enjoy increased comfort.

2. Progressive

eyeglassesWhile bifocals are effective to a degree, they feature a distracting line that divides the lines into two powers: one for distance sight and another for up-close viewing. But for many, switching between these powers is challenging and not always appropriate for their specific vision needs.  

Today, bifocal users are switching to progressive lenses for more seamless control over their sight. Instead of featuring two separate powers, these lenses gradually shift between a series of powers that help people see comfortably at a variety of distances. In addition, progressives look like standard lenses, as they feature no dividing line.

3. Photochromatic

If you spend time outdoors, you may find yourself having to switch from regular eyeglasses to prescription sunglasses just to see comfortably under the sun. Over time, having to carry around and switch between two pairs can become cumbersome. Photochromatic lenses can help. They become darker when they are exposed to UV rays and lighter once they return indoors. Commonly referred to as “transition lenses,” this technology can allow you to maintain clear vision in all environments.


When you want to get the most out of your eyeglasses, turn to the specialists at Alexander Eye Associates & Optical in Monroe County, NY. In addition to providing comprehensive eye exams, this optometrist will introduce you to a variety of stylish eyeglasses and lens options that will improve your daily sight and comfort. To learn more about their designer eyewear options and vision care services, visit this eye doctor online. For appointments, call a friendly team member at (585) 325-3070.

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