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Are you ready for a Weight Loss Diet? Take this Quiz to find out! January 10, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
Are you ready for a Weight Loss Diet? Take this Quiz to find out!, Lincoln, Nebraska

Losing weight is the hot topic this time of year.  There are many ways to get started and many diets to follow, but what about the rest? The quiz below will give you an idea what it takes for most people to be successful at losing weight now and for keeping it off long-term. Find out if you’re ready!


(Answer YES or NO to the following questions)

  1. Do you have at least one source of support for your diet and physical activity?
  2. Do you have a scheduled time for physical activity?
  3. Have you thought about your weight history and set your weight loss goal accordingly?
  4. Are you willing to do some self exploration when things get tough for you?
  5. Are you willing to invest the mental energy required about learning about calories & nutrition to make daily decisions regarding your diet?
  6. Are you willing to keep daily records of your diet and activity?
  7. Do you accept the fact that weight management is a lifelong behavior?
  8. Are you prepared to make weight loss one of your top priorities and be willing to deal with adverse reactions from friends/family at times?

How’d you rate? If you answered yes to most questions, you are probably ready to get moving towards your goal of weight loss. If you are answered no, then re-read the questions you answered “no” to and think of what you may need in place before beginning your journey.  

To learn more about the weight management programs we offer please visit our website at


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