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4 FAQ About Home Health Care February 13, 2019

Canarsie, Brooklyn
4 FAQ About Home Health Care, Brooklyn, New York

Home health care offers a way to receive skilled nursing care or support with the tasks of daily living while in the comfort of your own home. But inviting a caregiver into one's life and home is often a topic that raises a lot of questions. To help shed more light on this service and the benefits of home care, below are answers to some of the more common questions clients have.

A Guide to Home Health Care

What does a home health care provider do?

This will depend on the type of caregiver you hire and the nature of your health concerns. Registered nurses and certified nurse's aides can assist with medical support, such as taking vitals, managing medications, and performing wellness checks. Other caregivers help with routine daily tasks that may have become a challenge, such as light housekeeping and running errands.

Will my insurance cover home health care?

home health careMany insurance providers do offer coverage for at-home health care. When ordered by a doctor and considered a medical necessity, some providers may even cover 100% of the cost of home care. Private insurers vary, but your agency will likely verify insurance coverage before your first appointment.

My parent is homebound and just needs company. Can home health care help?

Yes. Many people hire professional caregivers for companionship. This also provides great peace of mind to the rest of the family, knowing their loved one is not alone and has someone to lend emotional and social support. These caregivers allow your loved one to socialize at home and maintain a sense of friendship, which can boost their mood.

Are these caregivers equipped to handle complex medical needs?

In most cases, yes. Much will depend on the nature of those needs and the extent of the home care agency's services. Many agencies offer a range of medical support beyond traditional nursing care, such as physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and speech therapy. Discuss all health issues at length with any agency you're considering hiring to be sure you receive the caregiver with the right skills and credentials.



Understanding some basics of home health care will ensure you hire the best person for the job. Safe Haven Home Care is here for you and your family. Serving Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn, NY, they have a comprehensive selection of at-home care services and providers, including nurses, personal care aides, medical social workers, and speech pathologists. To learn more about available caregivers, call (718) 968-6970. Visit their website to read more about their health care services. 

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