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A Guide to Proper Auto Maintenance Care for Diesel Trucks January 18, 2019

Andrews, Andrews
A Guide to Proper Auto Maintenance Care for Diesel Trucks, Andrews, Texas

Diesel pickup trucks are popular due to their fuel efficiency and long-lasting, durable engines. However, these vehicles come with their own set of auto maintenance considerations that other car drivers might not experience. Here’s a quick guide to help you properly care for your diesel truck.

3 Auto Maintenance Tips for Diesel Truck Drivers

1. Appropriate Engine Use

Avoid idling your engine because it wastes fuel and causes deep scratches on the piston and cylinder block that can lead to future performance problems. During the winter, diesel engines can experience trouble starting because diesel fuel begins to gel at colder temperatures. Keep a block heater plugged in during freezing weather to keep the engine warm, so your truck won’t have this problem.

2. Clean Filters

Many trucks have sensors to indicate when air filters or fuel filters need to be replaced, but you should also inspect them for clogs and debris buildup on a regular basis. Fuel filters should be replaced every 15,000 miles. Your air filter replacement schedule will vary based on local environmental conditions. Drivers in polluted or dusty areas will likely need to change their air filter more often. Clean filters will prevent fuel contamination and improve engine efficiency.

3. Proper Coolant Quality

auto maintenanceControlling engine temperature is essential for diesel trucks, as an overheated engine can’t be repaired. To prevent a costly engine replacement, drivers should monitor coolant levels and condition. A mechanic should test the coolant’s acidity regularly, as high acidity can damage the radiator and other vital components. Replacing this fluid according to the recommendations listed in your owner’s manual or when a test indicates high acidity levels will ensure smooth performance.


If you’re looking for a diesel mechanic to address your truck repair and auto maintenance needs, visit B&L Auto Diesel Tires & Alignment in Andrews County, TX. Their team of experts has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and offers lift kit installation, tire replacement, and auto and diesel repair services. Send a message online or call (432) 523-3480 to schedule an appointment.

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