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4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Wedding Flowers January 17, 2019

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4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Wedding Flowers, Lexington, South Carolina

Flowers have traditionally played a big role in wedding celebrations—from the bride’s tossed bouquet to stunning centerpieces. However, there are other ways to incorporate these beautiful blooms into each aspect of your big day. Speak with your florist about the unique wedding arrangements below.

Unique Ways to Add More Flowers to Your Wedding

1. Wear a Floral Crown

Ask your hairstylist about wearing flowers in your hair—an increasingly popular option among brides looking for a bohemian theme. For more those who are utilizing a nature theme, a simple crown of flowers can provide a romantic, delicate accent to your gown. Even in a more formal setting, a reverse floral crown—where the dramatic embellishments are at the back of the head as opposed to the front—can offer an elegant option.

2. Choose Floating Floral Pieces

If your venue has water features, such as a fountain or pond, ask if you can add flowers to provide some greenery. If not, opt for bowl centerpieces with a single flower floating in each one, such as a lily or a stem of orchids. For a burst of color, place several roses or daises inside. 

3. Decorate the Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

floristToday’s bakers can work wonders with fondant icing, even making delicate, edible flowers. Still, there’s something to be said for the real thing. An elegant white wedding cake adorned with natural greenery can provide a striking visual. Just make sure you communicate with your florist in advance; you’ll need those wedding flowers to be kept fresh right up until the reception begins.

4. Add Flowers to Chairs & Pews

A simple way to add a splash of color to your venue: Attach a single flower to the back of each chair or pew. One long-stemmed flower, when paired with a ribbon, can provide a beautiful and minimalistic accent. Your florist can help you select just the right flowers to make your wedding colors pop.


If you’re ready to discuss unique arrangements for your wedding, Lexington Florist boasts 40 years of experience serving clients throughout the Columbia, Red Bank, and Oak Hill areas of South Carolina. A leading florist for weddings and other formal events, the company provides a welcome combination of affordable prices, high-quality arrangements, and superior customer service. Learn more about unique wedding arrangements by calling (803) 359-6097 or by visiting the company’s website.

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