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How to Humanely Remove Squirrels From Your Home January 18, 2019

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 How to Humanely Remove Squirrels From Your Home, New Milford, Connecticut

Squirrels are incredibly bright, interesting creatures to observe in the wild, but unfortunately, many homeowners get a first-hand glimpse of the nesting habits of these furry little creatures. When squirrels make a home inside your house or attic, they can be difficult to trap or relocate, especially if you are concerned about their safety. Here are three humane animal control methods you can try to remove squirrels from your home. 

3 Safe Animal Control Methods for Squirrels

1. Remove Attractive Food Sources

Often, homeowners unintentionally attract wildlife like squirrels to their property by trying to feed other friendly visiting animals, such as birds. To keep squirrels from calling your place home, remove attractive food sources like bird feeders, outdoor dog food bowls, or bags of extra food for pets. 

2. Seal Entry Points When Squirrels Are Away 

animal controlSince squirrels are small and agile, they can fit through small holes in the exterior envelope of your home. To prevent problems, seal the areas with spray foam while squirrels are out foraging for the day. Check places like attics for visible daylight during the day, and seal any areas that might be allowing pests to enter. 

3. Make Nests Less Comfortable

Squirrels like dark, untouched areas for their nests, so make their favorite nesting spots in your home less attractive by adding lights and tidying up. Remove stored objects like old furniture or boxes, and focus on keeping other storage places as organized as possible to prevent attracting new invasions. 


Remember, if making a few changes around your home doesn’t help with your animal control efforts, you can always call American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford, CT. As specialists in the humane removal of squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other wildlife, you can rest assured that you are protecting the ecosystem while you look after your home and family. Book an animal control appointment today by sending them a quick note online, or give them a call at (860) 355-1231 for more information. 

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