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How to Cope With Grief in the New Year January 11, 2019

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How to Cope With Grief in the New Year, Greece, New York

It can be difficult to carry on in the new year after commemorating a loved one at a funeral home and mourning just last year. The memories from the past can be troubling, and the grief can sometimes feel overwhelming. But with time, you will feel happy again. Here’s a guide that can help you cope in the new year.

A Guide to Coping With Grief 

1. Go Outside

While staying inside and cuddling up in blankets may seem enticing, there’s no better way to clear your head than by getting out for a walk. Find a nearby park that has walking trails or take a few laps around the block. Making this simple task a regular part of your daily routine will provide something to look forward to and could give you time to reflect on special memories.

2. Visit Friends

funeral homeIsolation isn’t a healthy method for dealing with grief. This year, have one or two of your closest friends come over at least once a week. This could be an opportunity to share your true feelings or just sit and be with people who love you. Or schedule a lunch date, tea or a walking buddy each week; just to have something to look forward to.  The support that these visits provide will help you not feel alone; your friends can help share the burden.

3. Limit Activities

You don’t have to jump back into your social life while you’re still mourning the loss. Certain locations and groups of people may cause painful memories to surface and allowing yourself to have some space can give your heart a chance to heal. When you feel you’re ready, however, begin participating in social activities. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels to be back. 

4.  New Surroundings

Try a new activity that you might think is interesting. Whether it is a Physical Activity, Arts and Science, or new Cuisine; these activities will let your mind wander in different directions.  Allowing you to get out and see culture and society as a healthy way to heal.  


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